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Real Time Authentication

Real-Time Authentication & Fraud Prevention​With the rise in identity theft and account takeover, which costs billions of dollars, organizations must do everything they can to verify consumers’ identity and protect them from fraud. Nowadays, consumers are much more demanding. Their attention span is shorter, they expect immediate service, and they have zero tolerance for mistakes or delays. A long and tedious authentication process is no longer an option!

Seamless authentication across channels

NICE Real-Time Authentication (RTA) provides end-to-end authentication and fraud prevention for contact centers. Based on voice biometrics, it automatically verifies the caller’s claimed identity within the first few seconds of a call through natural conversation with an agent. Leveraging its unique Single Voiceprint capability, RTA uses the same voiceprint across channels, allowing effortless authentication in the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or mobile application as well. Combining voice biometrics with additional authentication factors, RTA offers risk-based authentication across multiple channels. It improves the level of security, reduces operational costs, and the best thing is – consumers don’t even notice it!

Whether a consumer calls the IVR, completes an action using a mobile app or speaks to an agent, RTA verifies his voice, phone number and device in the background, without interrupting the interaction. Focused on contact center call flows, it supports complex call scenarios such as ‘on behalf calls’, multiple beneficiariesand others, Organizations using RTA don’t need to worry about selecting the right authentication factor – they get all of them in one solution which automatically applies the right factor(s), at the right time. ​

Key Benef​its​

  • Top security– Lets the ’good guys‘ in and keeps the ’bad guys’ out
  • Real-time fraud prevention– exposes fraudsters and blocks them in real-time
  • Unparalleled CX– Zero customer effort
  • Operational efficiency– Optimizes authentication costs, allows containing more calls in self-service and reduces AHT​​​​

Fraud prevention in real-time​

RTA scans pre-created watchlists against the caller’s voice and call characteristics in the beginning of each call to identify suspected fraud. In case a fraudster is identified, the solution can block the caller and alert the fraud team, leveraging its built-in integration with NICE Actimize’s Risk Case Manager.

Proactively exposing UNKNOWN fraudsters

NICE RTA’s new Proactive Fraudster Exposure capability reduces fraud losses from day one by automating the process of exposing new, previously unidentified fraudsters and blocking them before they commit wrong doing. The breakthrough machine learning technology that drives the capability automatically scans hundreds of thousands of existing call recordings identifying abnormal caller behavior associated with fraudsters. The identified suspected fraudsters are then sent for further investigation, added to a watch list of fraudster voiceprints and blocked when calls are made in the future. The entire process happens automatically, eliminating manual, expensive and time-consuming manual checks.

Real Time Authentication

Multi-factor authentication for higher confidence

With more personal data being exposed online, social engineering fraud is becoming easier than ever, and account takeovers are a growing risk. As a result, the demand for high security is rising and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) has become a must have. Organizations are forced to incorporate two or more authentication factors in their contact center workflows while keeping their expenditures to minimum and their consumers happy.

RTA combines multiple factors to verify callers’ claimed identity. Taking into consideration various parameters – from call risk level, through customer ID and enrollment status, all the way to the cost of using each factor – the solution selects the optimal, most cost-effective factor per call, or a combination of several factors as needed. The result – significant reduction in overall expenditure on authentication.

RTA incorporates multiple factors, including

  • Voice biometrics
  • Phone number validation
  • Device authentication

All factors are verified in the background to keep the authentication process seamless. Authentication does not involve any effort from the consumers. They get serviced immediately and in the most secure manner.

Impact from day one

NICE Real-Time Authentication combines multiple seamless authentication factors in an optimal way to ensure all callers can be authenticated from day one, allowing organizations to get immediate value.

When it comes to voice biometrics, NICE’s unique Single Voiceprint capability uses the same voiceprint across all channels, which both eliminates the need to actively enroll and accelerates enrollment rates, thus shortening the time to value.

Moreover, our patented Seamless™ Passive Enrollment technology leverages existing call recordings to enroll millions of consumers based on their previous calls to the contact center, without requiring them to call in again.

Focused on contact center authentication and fraud prevention, RTA supports simple and complex call flows as well as industry specific use cases. Used by the largest contact centers worldwide, it authenticates millions of end-customers – individuals, businesses and commercial users – every day, while protecting them from fraud.

An end-to-end solution, RTA addresses all contact center authentication and fraud prevention concerns in one product requiring no complex integrations or deployment processes and involving no hidden costs.

All this brings greater value in no time leaving authentication concerns behind!

​Contact us today to set a demo and learn more about how NICE can help you protect your customers, improve their experience, and reduce your costs.