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The NICE Virtual workforce comprises software robots that are installed on back-end servers, with the capabilities to take over all the repetitive, admin driven processes facing the human workforce everyday. A variety of tasks can be executed independently without human intervention, freeing up employees to focus their attention on more valuable business priorities. RPA is fast becoming the technology of choice across for a wide variety of organizations spanning any vertical market. Enterprises who embrace RPA, across the front office, back office and shared services divisions, are experiencing dramatic increases in business performance and ROI.


Some of the benefits of NICE Robotic Automation include:

  • Increase throughput – robots are 4-5 faster than humans and work 24/7
  • Ensure compliance – robots deliver results with 100% accuracy
  • Reduce costs – 10 robots can do the work of 100 people
  • Increase employee engagement – let employees focus on the value-add activities
  • Easily scalable – as your enterprise grows, you can scale up the power of Robotic Automation to match your changing needs

Unattended Versus Attended Automation

– Unattended robots completely frees the human employee from performing very tedious tasks

– Attended robots takes place on the employee’s desktop, where the attended robots work collaboratively with human employees, for processes that require human intervention

– The combination of both attended and unattended automations can enable greater process efficiencies. For example, there is no need for attended bots process automation to stop when incountering an exception, instead, can step in and seamlessly alert a human to intervene and resolve a process error or complication, in real-time. The automated flow can then resume without any down time.

Automation Finder

The NICE unique Automation Finder innovation leverages Desktop Analytics and machine learning to accurately pinpoint the most optimal business processes to automate. Fast and accurate identification of the right processes to automate is a key element to ensure successful RPA deployments.

Adding More Cognitive Intelligence to Your Robotic Automations

RPA as a standalone solution supports automation based on structured data. As organizations wish to increase the variety of processes they automate, they are looking to include data from unstructured sources (like scanned documents, emails and letters). That’s where the more advanced cognitive solutions come into play.

NICE Robotic Automation’s open platform is designed to integrate with many leading AI technologies, such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR)chatbots and machine learning technologies, to support the automation of more complex business processes.

Take a look at how cognitive tools work together with RPA in this self-service banking video example.